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Meet Madge Beswick

…she is a beautiful dog who shows great intelligence and like all, quite a bit of clumsiness .  But that gives her character and makes her unique and loving to the family.

(Hayden describes his fun loving, beautiful irish setter)

nth rd party animals

Usual Suspects!

a group of early morning dog walkers celebrating a dog birthday with champagne
(see a young Harvard and an old Pastina together with Bella the GSD, Sandy the Beagle, Lily the Schnauzer and Rufus the Gordon Setter)
– Tina’s 14th birthday –



Completely comfortable, thanks very much

… Ryder Barbour at rest

.George Bartosy

George Bartosy

… cute as  ~

vice president

He’s Gr Ch Shelomith VICE REGENT

Perhaps he has illusions of grandeur?   (Vice President?????)

harv rat

12 year old “Harv the Hunter”

he raided the dog show bag for the squeaky rat

Reason sleepin n smilin

Reason sleepin’ n smilin’

Sally’s dog caught having a sweet dream?

cool dude hugo

One cool dude  …
Hugo keeping the hot summer sun out

Tess & Megg from Nov6

Self explantory …
Megg & Tess – Poor Tess

Lynn Spencer’s girls

Ryder 1

Ryder Running Running Running …

Dianne Barbour’s ‘gorgeous boy’

Ryder 2

Ryder Swimming Swimming Swimming…

(Dianne shares that Ryder is Hugo’s half brother!   Open-mouthed)

brave kitty 2 brave kitty 1

Brave Kitty

Sally’s cat tempting fate….

George Bartosy- biggles

“Biggles” Bartosy

Also known as George…


Doesn’t look comfortable at all

Sally Underwood’s sleeping puppy


Up Close and Personal

Sally Underwood’s Shelby

I didn't do it

I didn’t do it

Tricia’s Allie

Up the garden path

Up the Garden Path

H1 & H2 at rest


Alert – but not alarmed

Jan Robinson’s Chel

Connie & Jai

Another Budding Child Handler?
This is Connie and her brand new baby brother Jai

She is very proud of him (as are her Pop & Nan – Rick & Gin Young)

very tired

The Cat’s Whiskers?  …. or walrus whiskers?

We leave the whiskers on one dog so everone can tell the difference between H1 & H2

Zeke's necklace

Zeek’s Necklace ..

That’s the bin lid again! he would have walked around with that on for hours if we’d let him. Liked dressing up did the young Zeek

(Rosemary Christensen)


Bedbugs .. Connie & Youngin

Youngin was ‘sprung’ chilling out in the airconditioning, so Connie jumped in too

(Rick & Gin Young)


after christmas kids

One of the Kids ..

Hugo obligingly “giving 5” to 5 y.o.Cooper – well about to, anyway…..

Baby on Board

Baby on Board

The Wheatley family ‘baby’ Allie (on right -growing up now) with Prim (on Left) ready for the car journey


Ewwwww  ~ Gross!
The Longest drooble in history!

The normally mild mannered Hugo, lusting after a girl in season at a show


Christmas Card 2009

Our Christmas Ecard for 2009 …

Hugo baby our family representative



‘Tis the season…

Lynn, Megg & Tess wish everyone all the very best


Being mugged….

old dog Ty stole my earrings at every opportunity
– even in the showring one day!
(the ringsteward  kindly retrieved it for me when Ty tossed it away during judging)


november 7 2009 075


bet this makes you yawn

Hu on the move

Fast… I run fast….



cropped allie oop

Allie Oop

very comfortable girl….



Give me “5” !

House ~ happy to meet you…

dogs on bed

It’s a hard life…

H1 & H2 in familiar pose

murphy vaughan

Sharing more than a joke….

this is Murphy Vaughan with his mum


Picnik collage Halloween (3) (4)

In keeping with our Halloween theme ~

“the girls wishing everyone a happy halloween”

Lynn  Spencer




Got my eye on you…

‘Chelly Belly’ Robinson




Shakin’ all over…
Beau Robinson in action

.boys bums

H1 & H2 from another angle ….


Monty at the Show

Ch Kelliher Regal Red CD ET
Monty relaxing at a show in his younger days ( he’s 11 now)

Cheryl Gorey – Queensland


sy hennig

Carrbridge Conquest   ….  Sy
he is a son of Greglynn Garryowen

A Peter Hennig memory



Hu Yawn

Hugo finding it all too much….



connie & youngin

Connie & Youngin
Connie is all dressed up ready to go to her first school dance (LOVE the skirt!)
and Youngin is dressed in his ‘cool coat’ because of the very hot weather

A very proud  Rick Young (Queensland) photo


Riley & Summer

Riley & Summer
Riley (Left) is a Pets As Therapy dog in nursing homes.  He passed all his qualifications and began work at 8 months of age!

Loved and owned by Douglas Watt (Wahroonga)


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