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Sir Dublin

Slievemish Winta in Dubln   (Sir Dublin) I love this picture.  This is his recall

Anneliese Riley



“Colgate” Hugo


(check the caption box then click >> to start)

Always someone trying to be in the frame!


A nice day out on the boat…….

isa hold  23 aug 2

isa - 23 aug 1

… and Zenith after learning it’s best to stay on board

R Christensen


Quigley … A Blast from the past from April 1985 Ch Lawrethen Erins Pride

much loved boy of  R Young (Queensland)


zanetta & friends

Zanetta (& friends) … looking very regal on a beautiful (and fitting) throw

R Christensen




Morty & Lulu …. great mates

Churchill family


Mortimer & Lulu again…

looking like they enjoy being on the Churchill’s couch!



Hugo from a different angle!


Who says it does not get cold in north Queensland….

Rosemary Christenen  (north Queensland!)


Antonio …. in deep reflection

Mary Merlo (USA)

Sleeping buddies

Ian and Jordie both asleep. How either of them was comfortable I do not know!?..
Rosemary Christensen’s question

Beau Robinson

‘He is such a dag – I call him a boofhead and a dufus …’
as quoted by Jan Robinson!

Bums At Expo

the girls looking at life from a different angle

All Wrapped Up

This is Ivy …
I was presented with this sight when I was awoken to a scuffle in the loungeroom at 4am
(Sally Underwood)

It’s all too much……..

(thanks to R Young who sent this photo which was taken at Sydney Royal 2009)

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