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June 27th, 2010 by Gail




 Meadowlarks Irish Setters


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Sadly, after a long illness, the passing of Rose Ross in June 2010 has prompted many people worldwide to pay tribute to a legend of the irish setter fraternity.

During the early 1990s, here in Australia we were privileged to have access to the famous breeding lines of Meadowlark via the import of Ch Meadowlarks Energiser (Imp USA) and Ch Meadowlarks Elysian (Imp USA) by Jim Gossage (Ardglen Irish Setters) as well as frozen semen from Ch Meadowlarks Fire N Rain.

Greg Browne (Eireannmada Irish Setters) knew Rose personally and wrote:

I read with great sadness the passing of Rose. 

We first met way back in the early days of Meadowlarks.  I remember first meeting her at a wood yard somewhere that Ted and she had arranged to meet. It was then on to Meadowlarks.

I recall so clearly the foundation dogs we looked at over the next couple of days – Molly, Honour Guard, etc.  We kept in touch by phone – often incurring an horrendous phone bill after a long international call to Rose!!!

The real turning point for me, though, was when we met again at the big Michigan Specialty and was introduced to Preacher.  I took lots of photos of him and Rose on the grass area in front of her unit.  I sent them on to Rose and know she loved them.  He was, for me, the ultimate dog in type I believe she had aspired to produce.

It was there that plans were put in place for Jim to return to select two Meadowlarks to come to Australia – from the repeat breeding of Preacher.  The rest is history for the breed in Australia.  The descendants of Energiser are now scattered around the globe.

I had enormous respect for Rose as a breeder.  She took the bloodlines of that era and took them forward and created her own unique bloodline.  It is testimony to her skill as a breeder that her lines are now in pedigrees around the world.

May her soul be reunited with her creations – the unique and wonderful Meadowlarks Irish Setters.


Rose Ross with Preacher framed

meadow lark 





3 Responses

  1. Sherrie and Mark Rosche

    Rose was such a wonderful Breeder; knowledgeable and caring, honest and masterful. We fell in love with our Meadowlark girl and are so pleased to have the fine bloodline in our two remaining dogs. I know that Rose is with her big red babies and happy. Many thanks to her and to Ivy. Long live the Meadowlark line!

  2. Baychar

    My name is Baychar and I born and grow up with the original setter line that Rose perfected in her Meadowlark line.
    Over the last 67 odd years my setters have gifted me life’s meaning.

    Rose shared with me her story during the lady years of her life and gifted me with three Meadowlark girls and i breed the last Meadowlark girl to a Coutwood 10 years ago and had three wonderful pups. Yedterday I lost my wonderful 13 plus year old Meadowlark girl, Rougie to Cushing Disease, diabities, kidney failure. My besutiful Meadowlark girl wad delicate and strong. It very sad day for Louvie her pup now 10 and me. I’m in search now of a breeder that Rose select to most closely proceed with her line.
    I realize the will never be another or a meadowlark like my Rougie,but I’m hopeful ypu can assit me with this journey.
    I plan to purchase two pups this year one of which is of Coutwood line and hopefully one from Rose’s Meadowlark line. Can you help me locate the breeder I noticed Kelly had Makin Business and Vindicate in their line. Do you know if these are the folks that Rose select to carry on het line?
    Please let me know. I’m beginning my search as well with Coutwood Susan Hannan also now retiring from breeder her line. I sadened so many of our best are now leaving the breeding of our beautiful dogs and I’m struggle with the loss of my girl.Please hekp secure contact with rhe breeder closest to Rose’s line. )
    Please email me or call 207 9048067
    Thank you

  3. Gail

    Hello Baychar
    Most of the breeding lines you are looking for are in USA pedigrees and I suggest you make contact with Irish Setter Club of America regarding your enquiry. Certainly some Australian pedigrees have some of the dogs you are interested in, however, in most cases our breeders continued to lines incorporate from various countries as outcrosses rather than continue with those which interest you.

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