Tamaleigh Tellurian (Levi)




Shenandoah Shannon – Gypdale Irish Flame

Date of Birth : 22 October 1974 – 1986

Levi was bred by Mrs S Clarke (Clinton) and owned by Gail Gardiner (now Cleland)


Litter brother to Ty (Aust Ch Tamaleigh Tamarind), Levi was the "professor" of the family. 

He considered his every move – which did not include running around a show ring, for that would have been beneath him.   He was the type of dog who could challenge to a game of chess or share a meal and a beer (or Guinness) with you…. a man’s dog  (it was said).

In obedience training, he was always the dog to keep the instructor guessing (let alone me, the handler).  He would listen and execute the commands on hearing rather than when I directed him.   I was never able to master a way to overcome his cleverness .. despite assistance and frustration from the obedience fraternity.  Yet it was decided he should be trained in classes way beyond his ‘passes’ because he needed the stimulation.  If he became bored he was a disruption to the class.  He would play mental games on everyone around him  – both dogs and humans.  Sadly, I was never confident enough to enter him in fully fledged obedience trials, though.

On the other hand, he took delight in entertaining children with silly antics and devising games to spend time with them… especially if child had icecream or sweets!

Notorious for being an escape artist, he would jump the property fence and then go to the front door to await my return.   There are countless stories of his ‘disappearing acts’ and even one where the fire brigade was called by a neighbour to retrieve him from trying to squeeze out a half locked window!  Another day I found him tied to the front door by a shoe lace.  The neighbour knew he shouldn’t have been out and thought he was helping.   But, go figure? –  he could have easily walked away from a shoe lace!





(Left – Levi Brown Dog    –    Ty Tamarind – Right)

at their 10th birthday party


 Levi had a host of nicknames:  Levi the Elusive,   Houdini,   Levi Brown dog,   Levi Light Brown dog  (that was during a time I was painting the house)  and  Louey.  Quite a few swear words preceeded these names fairly often too! 


Laughter brought out the best in him…… he would turn in a performance if he thought he could hear me giggle. 


Although he could be a frustrating villain …… and he loved his reputation….. I was devastated when he died, at far too young an age. 




But he was a dog who LIVED.