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Your love of the IRISH SETTER brought you to this website….

The IRISH SETTER is famously known as one of the most beautiful dogs and it therefore comes as no surprise that as a show dog it has won top honours all around the world.

As a Gundog for hunting, it is a renowned worker.

As a companion dog, there are few who do better. With a jolly temperament which is the hallmark of the breed he sometimes can be misjudged by those who are expecting a ‘robot’ of a dog. The irish setter we love can be expected to be happy, funny, loyal, active, sensitive, social, loving, clever and strong-willed…. all the qualities we’d choose of our best friend!

In Australia the breed does not enjoy the popularity of the ’70’s, however, the very dedicated breeders of today have spent considerable time and effort to atone for the damage caused to the breed by the indiscriminate breedings of that age




What is about…

As you peruse this site you will see I personally own only a couple of irish setters – however have owned some well respected individuals over the many years of involvement.

This website began with featuring my own dogs as a project for prosperity  🙂 .  Very shortly after,  it  grew to include pages for irish setter dogs who are currently in the ring .   Soon after, I offered exhibitors with smaller breeding/exhibiting kennels, who did not have a site of their own,  the opportunity of showcasing their dogs.  Hopefully, over time, many more breeders will take advantage of adding their details.  I especially encourage those of kennels of the past, which I believe should definitely be recorded as part of the Irish Setter history in Australia.

Now there are many other items of interest for irish setter ‘addicts’ – some fun, some informative.  Also included are some show results, and occasionally photos, which are frequently forwarded to me for inclusion by people in attendance at shows.. and I acknowledge their input, their sportsmanship and effort – which is much appreciated.