2000 Mrs Celeste Gavin ISCV 39th Championship Show


39th CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW – November 5th 2000

Judge: Mrs Celeste Gavin (USA) (Gabhantyr)

My overall opinion – Since you have a smaller gene pool to work with than we do in America, it is hard to believe your dogs are as wonderful as I found them to be.

From baby puppy dog to veterans there wasn’t a class that disappointed me. Your dogs are probably overall the best group of Irish I have ever judged.

Again thank you for the privilege of putting my hands on your glorious Irish. It was a day that will always hold a special place in my heart.

I must also mention to all of you that belong to the Irish that I judged, I loved meeting every one of you. If any of you visit Florida please come to my home.

Celeste Gavin


Baby Puppy dog

What a pleasure to begin my judging with two such nice Irish puppies.

1st – Eireannmada Prince Harry

Very stylish puppy on the move, and pleasant to go over.

2nd – Kiltimagh Celtic Mist

Balanced puppy, I really liked this one as well but the first asked for the win.

Minor Puppy dog

1st – Ornac Redhot Redemption

He had a lovely topline and was the best mover of the two.

Very nice front to rear.

2nd – Corrimeala Winters Tale

More forechest than one but he did not behave as

well as my first placed puppy. It was difficult to

evaluate his movement.

First place was more my type.

Puppy dog

1st – Ornac Redhot Raymaker

More my style better length of body and tail set.

2nd – Corrimeala Trumpet Major

I would like a better shoulder angle and tail set.

Junior Dog

1st – Eireannmada House O Kent

A really lovely dog, very balanced. My favourite the minute I saw him and he did not let me down on the move.

2nd – Taraglen Renaissance

Very nice dog, less of him than the first.

3rd – Eirean Pembath

I liked this dog in the body but he was badly behaved on the stack, which made it difficult to evaluate him. Slightly broader in skull than I like.

Intermediate Dog

1st – Saxony’s Evening Tide (imp USA)

Very sound and stylish on the move, nice tail set and let down of rear. A little straighter in front and shorter bodied than I like.

2nd Daisymont Boston Red Sox

I really loved the body on this dog. It was a hard decision but this dog had a wider skull than pleases me.

3rd – Ch Eireannmada Prince O Wales

Very pretty on the stack, not quite as good in front movement as other two, and just a bit heavier over the top of the shoulder.

Australian Bred Dog

1st – Ch Gwyndara Total Eclipse (AI)

Beautiful type, very much my kind of dog. His head was lovely. He stole my heart from the minute I laid eyes on him and knew if he could move he would win the class, and he moved wonderfully.

2nd – Ch Kiltimagh Mahogany Morn

Very good type more side reach than one.

3rd – Ch Eireannmada America’s Cup

I loved the side movement on this dog, as he really covered the ground. But he was not as good up and back as the other two.

Open Dog

1st – Ch Tullane Fiery Thyme

In profile from nose to tip of his tail a glorious picture. Smoothly balanced. Wonderfully long muzzled, I love this dog standing. I would like just a bit of the Irish pizzazz on the move, although he covered the ground very efficiently.

2nd – Ch Gwyndara Montpelier (AI)

Exciting type overall, similar to the Australian bred, more fire on the move than my winner.

3rd – Ch Irishmoor Ketari (AI)

Nicely balanced, good upper arm. Lovely dog.

Veteran Dog

I love the veterans and neither one of these veterans let me down, both wonderful dogs.

1st – Ch Pendoric Pandemonium (AI)

I found the head and arch of neck on my first place more pleasing and very balanced in the body.

2nd – Ch Eireannmada at Harvard

I liked this dog’s movement especially his side movement, He really covered the ground.

Dog Challenge: Ch. Tullane Fiery Thyme

My open dog had already won my heart and was an easy choice as I had loved him standing and he moved with more of the Irish spirit than in the beginning.

Reserve Challenge: Eireannmada House O Kent

My Australian bred and second in open were much alike in type, although I liked the Aust bred better. My junior dog though young was handsome and he fit in type with the winner. This choice was very difficult and on another day could have gone the other way.


Baby Puppy Bitch

Both lovely puppies.  Both of these, just like my baby dogs were great puppies and so well trained.

1st – Kiltimagh Rains Reprint

My first place puppy had great shoulder and upper arm angulation. A wonderful head.

2nd – Pendoric Pretty Special

Nice neck into shoulders.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st – Ornac Redhot Reason

Overall best bodied, nice neck into shoulder, moved and carried herself very well for her age.

2nd – Ornac Redhot Rhyme

I liked her head best of the three.

3rd – Corrimeala Vanity Fair

She was squarer overall, not quite long enough for me.

Puppy Bitch

1st – Gwyndara La Vida Loca

Beautifully put together, not well behaved and loose mover.

2nd – Corrimeala Country Girl

This was better behaved, but slightly squarer than I like

Junior bitch

A lovely class

1st – Tullane Whytwokay Okay

This bitch caught my eye immediately, a wonderful smooth body from the back of her skull to the tip of her tail. Elegant both standing and moving. I loved her head.

2nd – Nauvoo Too Fat To Skate

I almost cried when I saw this bitch, I had to look away. She had the look of the old second generation Meadowlarks from the seventies. Sound well balanced, but different in type to 1or 3.

3rd – Tullane Ateicol Dotcom

Looked very much like my first placed bitch, but a little heavier headed and rangier in the body than one.

Intermediate bitch

1st – Brechins Dare to Dream

Nice bitch, overall smooth and well balanced in front and rear.

2nd – Ardglen Don’t Dilly Dally

Similar to one good type and also well balanced.

3rd – Rhiannon Devorgilla

More compact than one or two with a good outline.

Australian Bred bitch

A hard class to judge.

1st – Ch Brechins Bliss

A pretty head with good side movement.

2nd – Ch Gwyndara Hearts on Fire (AI)

Better in shoulder than one but with a slightly stronger head.

3rd – Eireannmada Southern Belle

Again a pretty, overall balanced bitch.

Open bitch

1st – Ch Brechins Remember Me

Lovely body with good length of neck into shoulder.

2nd – Ch Tullane Thesis By Design

A better head than one but I liked one overall the best, nevertheless a wonderful bitch.

3rd – Ch Gwyndara You wear it well (AI)

A pretty outline on this bitch.

Veteran bitch

I almost cried all the way through this class, those grey faces tug at my heart.

1st – GR Ch Pendoric Fire N Ice (AI)

Just a wonderful type, head and arch of neck blew me away. She flew across the ring never once showing her age.

2nd – Ch Rosslare From a Distance (AI)

Great head super bitch a little shorter coupled than one.

3rd – Gr Ch Irishacre Summer Sheelin

Boy could she go, never showing her age, but she did not give me her best on the stack, still I would be proud to own her.

Bitch Challenge : Grand Ch. Pendoric Fire’ N’ Ice-

This was probably the hardest for me to judge. My veteran bitch was just super both standing and moving. Her arch of neck is probably the final thing that made me choose her, and, of course her maturity.

Reserve Challenge : Tullane Whytwokay Okay

I was crazy about the outline of this bitch, a wonderful flashy bitch with a beautiful feminine head. She was very close to beating the veteran bitch for the points. I would love to see her in a year from now.

I must also mention the minor puppy bitch as I seriously considered her too. She was dark in colour had a beautiful carriage and was very sound. She is another I would like to see upon maturing.

Best of breed

Almost impossible to judge. I would have been happier if I could have given it to both. Since this was not possible, the fabulous outline of the dog won out.

BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW:  Ch. Tullane Fiery Thyme

RUNNER-UP IN SHOW:  Gr Ch Pendoric Fire’N’Ice