Aust Ch Eireannmada Riverdance (River)

NZ Ch Lanascol Errant Piper – Aust Ch Eireannmada Santa Maria

Date of Birth : 4 November 2004

Bred By: Greg Browne

Owned by : Jane Fall  (Fernfall Irish Setters) & Greg Browne

River is another mate considered ‘family’, ‘a friend’ and ‘a favourite’.  He is only a week younger than Hugo (Ch Shelomith Vice Regent) and their show careers have travelled the same path.  Both were champions at a very young age and both continue to compete against each other but their friendship expands to “partying” as well!  Frequently after shows we allow the boys to free run together and this is where that true rollicking irish is observed….

This is my favourite photo of River   (Hugo asked me to write that!)

River’s mum (see below under “River’s Family Album”) is a granddaughter of Aust Grand Ch Eireannmada At Harvard who whelped 16 other brother and sisters.  When the litter was born it was a busy few weeks until at last he was only one of 2 irish setters  – but was still sharing his home with several Golden Retrievers, a German Wirehaired Pointer and a Jack Russell.  Apparently he was confused at times …. wondering who he was most like!

River thinks puppies of any sort are adorable ….. he loves revving up Tango (the top Golden retriever) for fun…. and his favourite place of all time is on top of the BBQ where he views everything and everyone because he can also look through the kitchen window!!

(Click on Fernfall Golden Retrievers to learn more about his Show Career)

River’s pedigree:

NZ CH Lanascol Errant Piper Eireannmada House O York Eireannmada Windsor
Eireannmada Royal Flush
NZ CH Quailmoor Notorious Aust Ch Meadowlarks Energizer (ImpUSA)
NZ Grand Ch. Quailmoor Georgia Brown
Aust Ch Eireannmada Santa Maria Eireannmada Portobello Aust Grand Ch Eireannmada At Harvard
Eireannmada Mary Magee
Aust Ch Eireannmada Santa Monica Aust Ch Meadowlarks Energizer (Imp USA)
Eireannmada Isadorable

River’s Family Album:

A young Aust Ch Eireannmada Santa Maria

(River’s mother/Harvard’s granddaughter)


NZ Ch Lanascol Errant Piper  –  River’s father


Please also see

River’s sister Boo : Ch Eireannmada High Society – she has her own page now!

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