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June 7th, 2009 by Gail



Congratulations ….


Aust Ch Pendoric Red Angel ET


on achieving her


Endurance Title


The Endurance Title involves the dog having to run for 20 kilometres in 2:35 (2 hours running plus 2 rest breaks/Vet checks -totalling 35 minutes). The dog is vet checked before the event, at each of the two rest breaks (after 8 kilometres, then after a further 6 kilometres) and again at the end of the test. Pads,  temperature and heart rate are checked each time. The dog also has to pass a basic ‘willingness to work’ test before and after the run (basically simple obedience). The dog runs on a walking lead with a handler who can either jog or ride a bicycle.  (Not suprisingly, John choose to ride a bicycle although he did have to get two very kind people from the Dalmation Club of Victoria to run Ruby for one lap whilst he fixed a flat tyre). A pace-setter leads each group to maintain the pace of 10 kph.

27 Dogs took part in the event, of which 3 did not finish (1 jogger decided he could not last the distance and two owners retired their dogs during the event). Ruby was the only Irish Setter




Title achieved on 6 June 2009
Ruby is owned by John Frigo & J Parrott

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