February 22nd, 2010 by Gail



Thanks for the memories …….



~ Rory ~

Gr Ch Tullane Fiery Thyme – Eireannmada Whimsy

4 January 1998 – 12 February 2010


Rory was part of  our family and saw us grow for over 11 years.

He was there for many good times – and bad.

He’d never give up the chance for a cuddle or a play and always provided a shoulder to cry on.

Coming home to him looking through the window, toy in mouth, tail wagging was a sight we never took for granted.  We eventually gave in to him messing up our beds and sleeping on the couch throughout the day!

Thank you Rory for all the memories….. You were an important member of our family and will be missed every day.


Danielle and Fay Mates
[email protected]


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