September 17th, 2011 by Gail

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RAS NSW are trying to get pictures of all the past Best In Show winners at Sydney Royal and have asked for some assistance in locating good quality photos of the following irish setters, so they are able to scan for printing and framing for the Honour Wall: 

Ch Marksman of Ide (imp UK)

Ch Betsie of Drummock     R Niddrie

Ch Hartsbourne Brutus     B & Mrs J Morris



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Jayne Stewart is nursing some aches and pains after a multi car collision this week.   Wishing her a speedy recovery … in plenty of time to be able to show at the upcoming Melbourne Royal.  GET WELL SOON, Jayne.  



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Lots of hard work for Lynton Cochrane at his rehab facility.  Sally Underwood has been keeping him on the straight and narrow with regular visits and passing on lots of messages from us all.  He’s making progress… but, of course, there is such a long way to go before he is able to return home.

Here’s his address again if you should want to visit and/or send him a card:

Lynton Cochrane
The Epworth Centre
Ward 3NC – Bed 309A
32 Erin Street
Richmond.   Victoria.  3121







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