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Ch Eireannmada Arizona x Eireannmada Colleen
Date of Birth : 27 May 1976

Robin and Doug Stewart

Greg Browne




There was nothing ordinary about Alice.

Even from 12 weeks of age, she stood out as exceptional; an opinion given by Greg Browne and Max Lynch when they visited our farm in south-western Victoria. Along with her 12 litter mates she was reared in a natural country setting; nothing fancy or privileged. However, she did receive plenty of socialisation, attention and affection.

Our friend Greg Browne began showing her as a youngster in Melbourne –from time to time – and then we moved to King Island where we purchased a sheep property. Alice crossed Bass Strait countless times in the years that followed: to be shown and mated.

One of the highlights of Alice’s career was the Irish Setter Club of Victoria Championship Show of 1980 under an internationally respected judge from the United States, Mr Roy Jerome. When Alice was awarded Bitch Challenge and then Best in Show– with an entry of around 200 dogs – she leapt into Greg’s arms in a display that left happy tears streaming down the faces of her many admirers.

Another highlight was the Irish Setter Club Bitch of the Year Award won by Australian Champion Wilangi Red Alice in 1979, 1980 and 1981. While being shown in Melbourne, Alice refused to be treated as a kennel dog, insisting on being inside eating buttered toast with Vegemite, while reclining on Greg’s couch.

Alice had a spirited exuberant nature, and was at her most animated when the centre of attention. The weather never bothered her; in pouring rain she showed with flashy exuberance. Was this due to her no-nonsense country upbringing?

One of her most endearing mannerisms was to wipe her face with her paw when embarrassed. Greg told us that Flame (her grandmother) did the same.

Food thieving was down to a fine art, with a whole roast duck and bunches of grapes being some of her favourites. But she always shared her feast with her mother Karli (Eireannmada Colleen) and her brother Albat.

On walks in the paddocks at King Island – with her mother and brother – our three setters took delight in setting on and then flushing out wild pheasants hiding in clumps of bracken fern.

When we moved back to Victoria from King Island, Alice was not impressed when our working Border collie Meg joined the ranks of pet dog status. However, she did go on to enjoy her retirement on our property at Longwood.

A red flowering camellia marks her sad passing.

It was a privilege to have bred and owned Australian Champion Wilangi Red Alice. She was an extraordinary Irish setter and much loved.



The show career of Australian Champion Wilangi Red Alice includes:

Alice was Victoria’s most outstanding winning Irish setter over the three years she was shown (1979 to 1981), dominating the Gundog Group; with 12  Opposite in Group, 17 Best in Group; 10 Opposite in Show and 9 Best in Show.

In her career she gained five Royal Show Challenges. These were the 1979 Royal Brisbane B.C.C. and B,O.B; 1979 Royal Melbourne B.C.C. and B.O.B; 1980 Royal Sydney B.C.C., B.O B. and Opposite Sex in Group; 1980 Royal Adelaide B.C.C, B.O.B and Opposite Sex in Group; and the 1980 Royal Melbourne B,C.C.

Alice was awarded the top Irish Setter Bitch of the Year by the Irish Setter Club of Victoria for the years 1979, 1980 and 1981.

She had three litters using the sires Australian and New Zealand Champion  Eireannmada  Montana; Champion Timadon  Jaunty (Imported UK) and Australian Champion Quailmoor Faustus. Many of her progeny have gained their Australian Champion status, with one of her Jaunty sons, Australian Champion Wilangi King Quail (owned by Vic and Anna Gray} an Australasian record holder with 12 Royal Challenges.

During her show career Alice was expertly prepared and handled by Greg Browne of Eireannmada  Kennels. Thank you Greg!













Ch Timadon Jaunty (Imp UK) x Ch Wilangi Red Alice
Date of Birth : 6 April 1978



Robin & Doug Stewart

Vic & Anna Gray
GLENGRAY Irish Setters