1999 Mrs Edyth Langham-Goodwin / Mr Leigh Hearn/Mrs Anne Marie Hearn ISCV 38th Championship Show





Judges :
Mrs Anne Marie Hearn (Dogs)
Mr Leigh Hearn (Bitches)
Mrs Edyth Langham-Goodwin (Specials)


Below is Mrs Langham-Goodwin’s critique of the dogs which were presented to her in General Specials.
Sadly, Mr & Mrs Hearn did not provide a written critique.



MRS EDYTH LANGHAM-GOODWIN (Shelomith Irish Setters)

To be invited to judge one’s own breed at a Specialty Show I consider a great honour and this was, indeed, the case on 31 October 1999 when I judged Specials at the Irish Setter Club of Victoria’s 38th Championship Show.

The path to this judging appointment commenced over sixty (60) years ago when my parents selected a show quality Irish Setter puppy. All my life I have been accompanied by a parade of Irish setters.

This year our showday was not perfect for showing Irish but I was impressed by the beautiful exhibits and their presentation – the breed glows with style.


Best Baby Puppy in Show (Tullane Ateicol Dotcom)

Such presence for a baby. Very stylish, racy, moved with confidence. A pretty picture.

Opposite Sex Baby Puppy (Eireannmada ?)

Very much a baby. Lovely colour, nice head but really too early to evaluate. Too small and not used to leading to see movement.

Best Minor Puppy (Taraglen Poldark)

Outstanding puppy. Shows great promise. Loved his attitude, nice balance, neck, head and movement.

Opposite Sex Minor Puppy (Rhiannon Devorgilla)

Still very immature – dog puppy outshone this little bitch at this stage. Pleasant type.

Best Puppy in Show (Martinridge Victorywaltz)

Opposite sex Puppy in Show (Martinridge Vintage Crop)

These two puppies were very close overall nice specimens. Well balanced, good heads, moved well for their age. The bitch on the day had more elegance and style for me. I learned later they were brother & sister. I’m sure the dog will develop well.

Best Junior Dog (Saxonys Evening Tide (Imp USA)

Very exciting and interesting junior – great presence; should mature into a very eyecatching dog. Lacks maturity, coat and weight – all of which will come.

Opposite Sex Junior in Show (Daisymont Utah Jazz)

I liked this bitch – very feminine. Also should mature into a lovely specimen. This class was very close. Overall the bitch may have better qualities but lacked the eyecatching spirit of the dog. She was overshadowed in the final count.

Best Intermediate in Show (Ch Tullane Thesis By Design)

Such an exquisite and elegant bitch – lovely outline, very feminine, a pity she was out of coat – however this only brought out her stylish body.

Opposite Intermediate in Show (Eireannmada Princeowales)

Very nice dog. He lacked a little maturity – still a little gangly. Overall an interesting specimen. I feel, particularly for Irish dogs, 18 months is often the hardest time. They are neither puppy or mature dog and so much is expected from them. This boy will be an even more pleasing specimen in six months time.

Best Australian Bred In Show (Ch Eireannmada Times Square)

A worthy winner of this award. A beautiful dog, balanced and presented in perfect bloom – a joy in the ring even in blustery conditions – steady and easy to watch.

Opposite Aust Bred (Eireannmada Repartee)

Pleasing bitch, balanced and again overshadowed by the dog.

Best Open in Show (Ch Tullane Fiery Thyme)

An eyecatching animal presented to perfection.

Opposite Open in Show (Ch Quailmoor Capucci)

I didn’t judge as BIS was Open and was “automatic”, however, she was a lovely typey bitch, beautifully presented.

Best Veteran in Show (Gr Ch Brodruggan Far and Away CD)

This exhibit moved around the ring superbly, certainly not as one is used to seeing veterans move. A well balanced, not exaggerated dog in excellent condition.

Opposite Veteran in Show (Ch Marigold Maximum Delight)

What a veteran – a beautiful specimen. Gave away a little to the dog in movement and overall bloom – a faded beauty, almost too beautiful not to win.

These veterans play a most important part in a Specialty Show.

A reminder for we breeders and judges not to get carried away with latest fads but look carefully at the greats of yesterday and remember the Irish were bred to work all day in Irish conditions. I acknowledge the dogs of yesteryear perhaps would not have won at today’s shows and the current Irish has developed into a spectacular and glorious creature, but the standard still requests a beautiful head, soft expression, good movement and sound animal.

Best Exhibit in Show – Ch Tullane Fiery Thyme

This dog filled the eye – a picture of beauty standing. I’m sure he fulfils most expectations of an Irish Setter. Shown in full bloom, handled superbly. I was delighted with the best exhibit.

Runner Up & Opposite Sex in Show – Ch Tullane Thesis By Design

They complimented each other – very hard for an out of coat bitch to win over a mature dog in perfect bloom, no matter how sweet the bitch. This told in the final evaluation. She is still a very pretty bitch and it was not a walkover – she gave him a run for his money!



Thank you for giving me the honour of judging Specials at this Show – a memory I shall always treasure.

Edyth Langham Goodwin