Irish Setters Australia Imports


Australian Irish Setter breeders have spent time, money and effort over many years to bring in new bloodlines to enhance the pedigrees of our dogs .

As our country is renowned as having strict general livestock regulations, when bringing in a dog or bitch from any country (other than New Zealand) it is necessary for it to be quarantined for a period.  More recently with the advent of world renowned artificial insemination practises breeders have embraced this technology to add new individuals to the gene pool.  With this in mind, management of health issues is of high priority and indeed,  breeders are utilising all the scientific tests available to them to ensure we remain free of some of the hereditary diseases afflicting dogs in other countries.

Sally Underwood (Ornac Irish Setters) has composed the following list (apologises for any ommissions)  and  would appreciate any assistance with further research regarding pedigrees, photographs, etc. [email protected]

♦   Further photos will be added as they become available and we welcome any  images which are forwarded for  publishing



Bardonhill Supergrass (uk)
Caspians Intrepid (uk)
Castlebar Command Presence (usa)
Courtwood Boundary Bay (usa)
Courtwood Entourage (usa)
Courtwood Golden Gate (usa)
Cucuhullain Good Fortune (usa)
Dunholm Windsor (usa)
Greengate Buzz Lightyear (USA)
Marlyn Intentional Foul (usa)
Meadowlarks Fire N Rain (USA)
Sowerhill Satyr Of Fearnley (uk)
Sunnyhill Wings Of The Wind (usa)
Thendara Okay Yaa (uk)
Waterford Show Off (usa)


Sunshines First Rate (usa)

dunholm windsor

Dunholm Windsor

frozen semen Sunnyhills Wings of the Wind ( USA)

Sunnyhills Wings of the Wind


frozen semen Thendara Okay Yaa i(Imp UK)

Thendara Okay Yaa



Amhurst Hjootsie HooAubernee Summer Breeze
Axiom Knight Rider
Axiom Stairway To Heaven
Ballymoss O Carrig
Ballymoss O Dougal
Ballymoss O Erinhaven
Ballymoss O Fluter Phil
Ballymoss O Killenagh
Ballymoss O Numa
Ballymoss O Rattigan
Ballymoss O Roosky
Ballymoss O Sweeney
Banbh Aine
Brazenwinds Flags Flyin
Brazenwinds Mr Missile
Brazenwinds Safari
Brazenwinds Summer Wine
Brazenwinds Xanadu
Classic Lad Of Ballina
Coleraine Court Jester
Coleraine Lady Ganora
Cueunaich Peppercorn
Fieldworthy Anastasia
Fieldworthy Fairfax
Fieldworthy Willoughby
Flame Of Redside
Glamour Garth Sea Girl
Jacirish Karri O Kakadu
Jacirish Rata Regal Rite
Kellaware Son Of Bequest
Kilorglin Caprice
Kilorglin Keita
Kilsheelan Della
Kilsheelan Irish Queen
Kilsheelan Laurel
Kilsheelan Nell
Korere Polly-anna
Lady Reegan Of Strabahn
Lanascol Errant Piper
Lanascol High Society
Lanascol Hunters Moon
Lanascol Kiwi Encounter
Lanascol Mirror Image
Lanascol Quizmaster
Lanascol You’re So Vain
Laytons Little Luxury
Marindallas Galway Girl
Marindallas Game Keepa
Marindallas Gayton Boy
Marindallas Jackaranda
Marindallas Love Story
Marindallas Startime
Marindallas The Boy
Mountshannon Fiander
Mountshannon Moonfarer
Rathowen Padraig O’hara
Redcrest Sunflower
Redstone Oakley
Sarah Of Agra
Setterlands Tamburello At Pendoric
Winterlea Rising Fast


Ballymoss O’Carrig


Lanascol Errant Piper



Ballina Of Irish Flame (Imp Sth Afr)



Arwyn Victor (Imp UK)
Baigent Sundew Of Acornbank (Imp UK)
Balintyne Starduster Via Chugerra (Imp UK)
Barncliffe Beau Jeste Of Barnesforde JW (Imp UK)
Biddy Of Halcana (Imp UK)
Bonahaird Haute Ecole (Imp UK)
Borrowdale Bartolo (Imp UK)
Borrowdale Bess (Imp UK)
Brackenfield Osbert Of Eskafell (Imp UK)
Brackenfield Poinsettia (Imp UK)
Brackenfield Whisper (Imp UK)
Brackenfield Whistler (Imp UK)
Brian Of Halcana (Imp UK)
Carnbargus Endeavour (Imp UK)
Carnbargus Starway (Imp UK)
Caspians Regard (Imp UK)
Castrafeld Rheba (Imp UK)
Charliemoon Danny Boy Of Barnesforde (Imp UK)
Ciaran Dariabar (Imp UK)
Clonageera Summer Magic (Imp UK)
Cornelius Of Corriecas (Imp UK)
Cornevon Baronet (Imp UK)
Cornevon Spring Frolic (Imp UK)
Cornevon Star Knight (Imp UK)
Cornevon Tamarind (Imp UK)
Danaway Daisy May (Imp UK)
Danilo Of The Downs (Imp UK)
Emmafield Dinkum (Imp UK)
Erinvale Captain (Imp UK)
Erinvale Clancy of Kilsheelan (Imp UK)
Fearnley Firewisp (Imp UK)
Fondador Eleanore (Imp UK)
Gaelge Gaiety (Imp UK)
Gaelge Moval Red Admiral (Imp UK)
Genesis Stars Clonageera At Limavardy (Imp UK)
Georgie Girl Of Carnbargus (Imp UK)
Ginger Meggs (Imp UK)
Glendalough Red Lady (Imp UK)
Glennara Moonlight Shadow At Silvagem JW (Imp UK)
Gurta Of Drackenfells (Imp UK)
Hartray Josephine (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Brutus (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Lydia (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Melba (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Mist (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Posy (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Ruadri (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Sirius (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Solya (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Son O Flame (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Telstar (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Tess (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Tessa (Imp UK)
Hartsbourne Trump (Imp UK)
Henaleas Moonlight Over Limavardy (Imp UK)
Heronswake Damian (Imp UK)
Heronswake Jacynth Of Brackenfield (Imp UK)
Jonsmae Startime Of Erinvale (Imp UK)
Marksman Of Ide (Imp UK)
Millcroft Master Key (Imp UK)
Millcroft The Matador (Imp UK)
Millcroft The Moon Singer (Imp UK)
Moanruad Sea Hawk (Imp UK)
Moss Of Brackenfield (Imp UK)
Nobleman Of Dochra (Imp UK)
Penwyn Colour Of My Love (Imp UK)
Pride Of Gamston (Imp UK)
Raycroft Bandmaster (Imp UK)
Raycroft Red Rose (Imp UK)
Raycroft Tiller Girl (Imp UK)
Raycroft Tinsel (Imp UK)
Redways Robin (Imp UK)
Rheola Do Do (Imp UK)
Silvagem First Edition (Imp UK)
Silvagem Pearl Of The Orient JW (Imp UK)
Sowerhill Keelta (Imp UK)
Stephenshill Julian (Imp UK)
Stephenshill Vision (Imp UK)
Summit Morn (Imp UK)
Thendara Keating (Imp UK)
Timadon Aclare (Imp UK)
Timadon Charade (Imp UK)
Timadon Charlie Boy (Imp UK)
Timadon Charlie Brown (Imp UK)
Timadon Jaunty (Imp UK)
Timadon Pride And Prejudice (Imp UK)
Wendover Bit Of A Lad (Imp UK)
Wendover Cane Sugar (Imp UK)
Wendover Carla (Imp UK)
Wendover Country Boy (Imp UK)
Wendover Crofter (Imp UK)
Wendover Danson Of The Maltings (Imp UK)
Wendover Elegance (Imp UK)
Wendover Emma (Imp UK)
Wendover Fair Dawn (Imp UK)
Wendover Fitzwillie (Imp UK)
Wendover Gary Of Acres (Imp UK)
Wendover Gleaner (Imp UK)
Wendover Jaquetta (Imp UK)
Wendover Jeannie (Imp UK)
Wendover Lovely Bracken (Imp UK)
Wendover Lupina (Imp UK)
Wendover Moon Flower (Imp UK)
Wendover Murgatroyd (Imp UK)
Wendover Mutineer (Imp UK)
Wendover Old Fellow (Imp UK)
Wendover Outlaw (Imp UK)
Wendover Shandy Of Casamia (Imp UK)
Wendover Sonata (Imp UK)
Wendover Sunshine (Imp UK)
Wendover Traveller (Imp UK)
Wendover True Philanderer (Imp UK)
Wendover Valentine (Imp UK)
Wendover Wise (Imp UK)
Wonderful Of Acres (Imp UK)


Timadon Jaunty (Imp UK) b&w

Timadon Jaunty

Imports - Betsie of drummock

Betsie of Drummock

Imports - marksman of Ide

Marksman of Ide

Imports - Hartsbourne Brutus

Hartsbourne Brutus



Avon Farm Stars’n Stripes (Imp USA)
Bangor Tarralain Wild Daisy (Imp USA)
Captiva Brynbar Look To The Future (Imp USA)
Cairncross Concierge With Tullane (Imp USA)
Cairncross Flirting With Tullane (Imp USA) 

Devlin Marco Polo At Eireannmada (Imp USA)
Herihunda’s Image Of Windrose (Imp USA)
Marlyn Feature Attraction (Imp USA)
Marlyn On The Rise (Imp USA)
Meadowlarks Elysian (Imp USA)
Meadowlarks Energiser (Imp USA)
Regalaire Shes Got Rhythm (Imp USA)
Roan Inish Molly Finn (Imp USA)
Roan Inish On My Own (Imp USA)
Robalee Goldspinner (Imp USA)
Robalee Kandu (Imp USA)
Robalee Velvet (Imp USA)
Robalee Yank (Imp USA)
Santa Fe Autumn Kerry (Imp USA)
Santa Fe Stormy Days (Imp USA)
Saxonys Evening Tide (Imp USA)
Seregon Second Coming (Imp USA)
Thenderin All American Boy (Imp USA)
Thenderin Applauze (Imp USA)
Thenderin Spirit Of Killanin (Imp USA) (via New Zealand)
Tirvelda Evening Primrose (Imp USA)
Windrose Diamonds Last Forever (Imp USA)
Windrose Impressive (Imp USA)
Windrose Secret Image (Imp USA)


Thenderin All American Boy (Imp USA)

Thenderin All American Boy



Meadowlarks Energizer


Captiva Driftwind Fougere Ruby (Imp Can)
Captiva Special Delivery (Imp Can)
Mccamon Scarlet Romance (Imp Can)
Mccamon Sting (Imp Can)



Coppers Prins Trollmane (imp Swd)
Fyledalens Peregrin (Imp Swd)
Thodos Svensk At Kilsheelan (Imp Swd)
Coppers Thats It Thatis Me (Imp Swed)



Lusca Skippy Qc (imp Ire)
Moanruad Baldric (Imp Ire)
Tim Of Karam (Imp Ire)